Twins pitcher Randy Dobnak remains undefeated against Twitter foes

The Major League Baseball Season, which has been postponed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, would have started Thursday.

Stat lines that would have started to fill up this week are going to be stuck on zero at least into May — except for one.

Twins pitcher Randy Dobnak improved to 1-0 this week, albeit against a Twitter foes instead of anyone on the field.

Dobnak, as you’ll recall, made an improbable rise from obscurity to Game 2 playoff starter for last year’s 101-win Twins, compiling a 1.59 ERA in 28.1 innings. His story is great, and his look is even better: a Fu Manchu-style mustache and sport specs are the centerpieces.

On Tuesday, though, a Twitter account dared to take on the mighty Dobnak with this premise: “Push this button and you get to be a professional athlete. the only catch is that you have to be randy dobnak. do you push it? … i mean, even putting looks aside. my name would be randy dobnak. man. hard one.”

That’s just not very nice. But: Pretty much everyone who replied to the tweet said that yes, they’d love to be Dobnak — complimenting everything from his look to his story to his Major League status.

The best was yet to come, though: Dobnak — who has a history of handling himself well on Twitter — himself found the tweet and replied: “Honestly I would probably push it but idk that’s just me.”

The original tweet has fewer than 300 likes; Dobnak’s reply has more than 20,000.

And that is a VERY high VORT — Value Over Replacement Tweet.

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