Adrian Peterson says he still uses physical punishment on his kids

In an interesting catch-up with former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Bleacher Report’s Master Tesfatsion — who helped cover Peterson while part of the Vikings beat at the Star Tribune — notes that Peterson still uses physical punishment on his kids even after everything that transpired here.

Peterson missed most of the 2014 season with the Vikings stemming from an incident with his young son in which he was indicted for a child abuse charge in Texas.

Per the story: “I had to discipline my son and spank him the other day with a belt,” Peterson says — though he employs other techniques as well. He will take away their electronics, place them in different timeouts around the house, have them do wall squats. “There’s different ways I discipline my kids,” he says. “I didn’t let that change me.”

There’s more nuance and context in the piece — much of it relating to cultural norms and beliefs — but it’s still a pretty startling thing to read.

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